The largest chocolate maker in North America: The Hershey Company (HSY) (1894)

The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY) was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA, with 16,300 employees worldwide. It is the largest manufacturer of chocolate and chocolate confectionery in North America and the sixth largest food company in the world. .

The Hershey Company HSY Logo

Hershey (HSY):

The Hershey Company, commonly known as Hershey’s, is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in North America. The company was established in 1894 by Milton S. Hershey under the name of Hershey Chocolate Company as its Lancaster A subsidiary of Caramel Company. Today, its products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition, the company is also a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, which is also associated with the Hersheypark Stadium and the Giant Center. Its famous products include Hershey’s Kissise Chocolate, Hershey’s Chocolate Bars, Reeses, Twizzlers, etc.

The Hershey Company owns 3 modern chocolate factories in Hershey Town, which is the world’s largest producer of chocolate. It produces as many as 33 million pieces of chocolate every day with just one KISSES variety. Hershey’s is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the United States. The company makes pure chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate ice cream, etc., and its products are very rich.

Hershey ’s product brands include : Hershey??s, Reese??s, Kisses, Jolly Rancher, Almond Joy, Brookside, Cadbury, Good & Plenty, Heath, Kit Kat, Lancaster, Payday, Rolo, Twizzlers, Whoppers, York , Scharffen Berger, Dagoba, Ice Breakers, Breathsavers, Bubble Yum, Heath, Golden Monkey, Pelon Pelo Rico, IO-IO, Nutrine, Maha Lacto, Jumpin and Sofit.

Hershey History:

  • In 1894, the Hershey Company was established;
  • In 1897, he sold the caramel business for 1 million and bought a farm in Deli County, Pennsylvania (later Hershey Town), and established a chocolate factory;
  • After two years of experimentation, Hershey improved his milk chocolate formula and developed the Hershey chocolate bar in 1899;
  • In 1903, Milton Hershey began to produce chocolates in Hershey;
  • In 1907, Hershey KISSES chocolate, known as the symbol of the American chocolate industry, was born;
  • In 1909, the Hershey couple founded the Hershey Industrial School, the predecessor of the Hershey School. Mr. Hershey clearly established all his estates in his will to establish the Hershey Fund. The school is the owner of the fund and holds the largest equity in the Hershey Company. Currently, it owns 70% of the voting rights of the Hershey Company;
  • In 1915, the Hershey Zoo was established as the largest free private zoo in Pennsylvania at the time;
  • In 1923, Hershey’s global trade reach extended to China, focusing on markets in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Taiwan;
  • In 1978, the Hershey Zoo was renamed the Zoo of America (ZOOAMERICA);
  • In 1995, Hershey Chocolate once again entered the Chinese mainland market after liberation (Note: Taiwan is called “Occupied”);
  • In the first half of the 20th century, Hershey Township was the Hershey Company. Almost all residents in the town were employees of Hershey Company;
  • In 2002, the management of Hershey Trust Company (Hershey Trust Company) considered selling the Hershey Trust Company to another food company. As soon as the news came out, many residents who were not employees of Hershey also expressed their opposition through writing letters and other channels. Finally, the Hershey Foundation voted to stop the company’s sale plan. The person in charge of the Hershey Foundation said that although the sale of Hershey’s company can get very considerable benefits, people are unwilling to lose the corporate culture created by Hershey’s company and the close relationship with this small town. This cannot be exchanged for money. (This is a company worth admiring);
  • In July 2005, Hershey acquired Scharffen Berger, a chocolate manufacturer located in Berkeley, California;
  • In November 2005, Hershey acquired Joseph Schmidt Confections, a chocolate producer in San Francisco, California;
  • In November 2006, Hershey acquired Dagoba Organic Chocolate, a chocolate producer in Oregon;
  • On December 19, 2013, Hershey Holland Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hershey Foods, acquired 80% of the shares of Shanghai Golden Monkey Food Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 3.5432 billion people;
  • On January 29, 2015, Hershey acquired Krave Pure Foods Inc., a manufacturer of healthy meat snacks;
  • In 2015, Hershey announced the completion of the acquisition of Krave Jerky;
  • In 2016, Hershey acquired barkTHINS in New York;
  • On December 19, 2017, Hershey Foods spent US$921 million to acquire Amplify Snack Brands, a producer of SkinnyPop popcorn and Tyrrell potato chips.

Hershey (HSY) investment:

Digression: The entire Hershey town is controlled by the huge residence of Hershey, which is based on the residence of the President of Washington. Every day, the patriarch will set off from here and start to patrol the kingdom created by him: among them are milk chocolate and cocoa factories (in the company’s literature, they are referred to as the lifeblood of the entire community), and industries set up for orphans. The school (later developed into Hershey University, ranked 5th in the nation’s richest school rankings, after Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford University), Hershey Department Store, Hershey Bank, Men’s Club, Women’s Club, 5 There are churches, 2 schools, gardens, zoos, Hershey Land (with 11 roller coasters, known as America’s largest amusement park after Six Flags), the Hershey Hotel and A golf course that was instructed by Ben Hogan.

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