The largest communications billing service company in the United States: CSG Systems International (CSGS) (1994)

CSG Systems International Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGS) was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, USA, with 3,277 full-time employees. It is a business software and service company that provides billing management services. Its main customers include: communications Companies, cable television companies, utility companies, etc.

CSG Systems International Logo

CSG Systems International (CSGS):

CSG Systems International is a billing management service provider that provides customer service and bill processing systems for the communications and communications markets, including cable television, direct broadcast satellite (DBS), telephone, online services, etc.

CSG Systems International’s customers include: Comcast , Time Warner , Charter Communications , EchoStar Communications , Adelphia Communications Corp., Mediacom Communications (formerly NASDAQ: MCCC, delisted) ) And Cox Communications.

The history of CSG Systems International (CSGS):

  • In 1980, First Data, the parent company of CSG, was acquired by American Express;
  • In 1982, Neal Hansen founded CSG International, then called Cable Services Group (CSG), which was a division of First Data Corporation , a payment system company . At that time, FDC was still in operation by American Express ;
  • In 1989, CSG became a part of American Express Information Services Company, a subsidiary of American Express;
  • In 1990, Hansen immediately Cable Services Group, founded Applied Communications (now Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.) and served as CEO, where Hansen met George Haddix;
  • In 1994, Neal Hansen, George Haddix, Trident Investment Group and Morgan Stanley founded CSG Holdings;
  • In 1994, CSG Holdings acquired Cable Services Group for US$137 million;
  • In November 1994, Cable Services Group changed its name to CSG Systems International. As of this time, CSG is the second largest billing service provider in the U.S. cable television industry, providing services to 27% of U.S. cable television users;
  • In February 1996, CSG IPO, landed on Nasdaq;
  • In 1996, CSG System International Corporation acquired Bytl Limited for a total of 4.7 million US dollars;
  • In the 1990s, Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI) and Time Warner abandoned their efforts to design internal billing software and began to use CSG International’s services;
  • On August 11, 1997, CSG International and TCI signed a 15-year agreement to make CSG the industry’s first . By 2001, the agreement’s revenue had accounted for 45% of CSG’s total revenue. As part of the agreement, CSG International Acquired SummiTrack, a software developed internally by TCI for US$106 million;
  • In October 1997, CSGI signed a contract with the utility company mc2 (to provide billing for water, electricity, gas, etc.);
  • In 1998, CSG Systems International Corporation acquired US Telecom Advanced Technology Systems for US$6 million;
  • In 2000, AT&T acquired TCI and extended the latter’s contract with CSG;
  • In 2001, CSG Systems International acquired Athene Software and PlaNet Consulting;
  • In 2002, CSG acquired Lucent Technologies’ billing software asset-Kenan Systems for $260 million;
  • In 2002, CSG Systems International acquired IBM ‘s customer service software department-Integrated Customer Management Systems (ICMS) for US$15 million ;
  • In 2005, CSG Systems International sold the CSG Global Software & Services division (formerly Kenan Systems) to Comverse Technology for 251 million US dollars;
  • In 2006, CSG Systems International acquired Telution, an operating software company, for US$22 million;
  • In 2007, CSG Systems International acquired Prairie Voice Services, an interactive messaging service company, for US$39 million. In the same year, it acquired the billing company ComTec for US$23.5 million;
  • In 2008, CSG Systems International acquired the direct mail and bill processing company DataProse for 39 million US dollars;
  • In 2009, CSG Systems International acquired the marketing company Quaero for US$15 million (later split in December 2013);
  • In 2010, CSG Systems International acquired the billing company Intec Telecom for US$392 million;
  • In 2012, CSG Systems International acquired Ascade, a wholesale billing software company, for US$19 million;
  • In 2013, CSG Systems International acquired some assets of Volubill, a strategy and billing management software.
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