The second largest silica supplier in the United States: US Silica Holdings (SLCA) (2008)

US Silica Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:SLCA) was founded in 2008 (his history can be traced back 100 years), formerly known as GGC USS Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, USA, full-time employees 996 Ren, an industrial metal and mineral company, is the second largest silica supplier in the United States, producing and selling commercial silica in the United States.

U.S. Silica Holdings

US Silica Holdings (SLCA):

US Silica Holdings represents the future of the industrial silica gel and sand proppant industry. Throughout the company’s history, it has been working hard to develop new breakthrough methods to support customer success. As an innovator of industrial silica products and solutions, US Silica has a history of more than 100 years. As a supplier of domestic oil and gas operations, US Silica supports the country’s economic strength and energy independence.

The American Silica Holding Company is divided into 2 divisions to operate: Oil & Gas Proppants, Industrial & Specialty Products (Industrial & Specialty Products).

US Silica Holdings is a leading producer of industrial minerals, including sand proppant, full-grain silica, ground silica, finely ground silica and clay. In addition to providing more than 250 products in these categories, American Silicone is also an expert in research and development of customized products and solutions.

Specific products of US Silica Holdings include:

  • US Silica provides full-grain commercial silica products, used as fracturing sands related to oil and gas recovery; and resin-coated proppants, and sells various size distributions, particle shapes and chemistry used in the manufacture of glass products The purity level of the whole grain silica product.
  • US Silica also provides ground commercial silica products for plastics, rubber, polishes, cleaners, paints, glazes, textile fiberglass and precision castings; and for advanced coatings, specialty coatings, sealants, and silicone rubber Finely ground silica with epoxy resin.
  • In addition, US Silica also provides other industrial mineral products, such as aplite, minerals used in the production of container glass and insulating glass fiber; and adsorbents prepared from a mixture of silica and magnesium for preparative and analytical chromatography applications.

US Silica Holdings serves a variety of industries and applications, including: oil and gas, glass, chemicals, foundry, construction products, fillers and extenders, entertainment, industrial filtration and processing, and testing and analysis.

As of December 31, 2015, US Silica Holdings, Inc. has proven and possible recoverable mineral reserves of approximately 400 million tons.

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