The second largest tobacco company in the world: British American Tobacco (BTI) (1902)

British American Tobacco plc (abbreviation: BAT) (AMEX: BTI, LSE: BATS, JSE: BTI) was founded in 1902 with 60,593 full-time employees, headquartered in London, England, second only to Altria (and its brothers) Company Philip Morris ) is the world’s second-largest tobacco company (of course, the tobacco company in my country is not listed and cannot be counted, otherwise China Tobacco will appear on the scene and it will definitely kill everything).

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British American Tobacco (BTI):

British American Tobacco (British American Tobacco) is the world’s top three tobacco companies. Its main products include cigarettes, smokeless snus and cigars. The company’s four main brands are Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, and Pall. Mall, and has other internationally renowned and local brands, including: Rothmans, Vogue, Viceroy, Kool, Peter Stuyvesant, Craven A, Benson & Hedges, John Player Gold Leaf, State Express 555 (five-five-five), Shuang Xi (double happiness) Wait.

British American Tobacco’s products are distributed in more than 180 countries and regions around the world, controlling the cigarette market in more than 50 countries and regions, with 44 factories in 39 countries, and 9 cigar and hand-rolled cigarette processing factories in 7 countries. It processes 660 million kilograms of tobacco leaves, produces more than 850 billion cigarettes (over 16 million boxes) per year, has more than 300 cigarette brands, and is a Fortune 500 multinational company.

The history of British American Tobacco (BTI):

  • In 1902, the British tobacco company-Imperial Tobacco Company (Imperial Tobacco Company, now Imperial Brands plc ) and American Tobacco Company (American Tobacco Company, now a subsidiary of British American Tobacco) established a joint venture company-British-American Tobacco Company Ltd. It is the predecessor of BAT;
  • In 1911, American Tobacco Company sold its holdings in the joint venture British-American Tobacco;
  • In 1976, the group company was reorganized under the new holding company BAT Industries;
  • In 1994, BAT acquired its former parent company American Tobacco Company, adding Lucky Strike and Pall Mall brands to the company;
  • In 1999, BAT Industries merged with Rothmans International, the latter being the seller of Marlboro cigarettes in the UK;
  • In 2003, BAT acquired the Italian state-owned tobacco company Ente Tabacchi Italiani (ETI) SpA, making BAT the second largest tobacco company in Italy and the second largest tobacco company in the EU;
  • In August 2003, British American Tobacco acquired the Serbian tobacco company Duvanska Industrija Vranje (DIV);
  • In July 2004, British American Tobacco (Brown & Williamson) merged its U.S. business with RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJ Reynolds) under the name RJ Reynolds. Before the merger, RJ Reynolds and Brown & Williamson Chalk Network were the second largest in the United States. The third largest tobacco company. After the merger is completed, RJ Reynolds becomes a subsidiary of Reynolds American, and BAT holds 42% of Reynolds American (RAI);
  • In 2008, British American Tobacco acquired the Turkish state-owned cigarette manufacturer Tekel;
  • In July 2008, British American Tobacco acquired the cigarette and snuff business of Scandinavian Tobacco Company;
  • In 2009, British American Tobacco acquired a 60% stake in Bentoel Group in Indonesia and increased its stake to 100% in the second year;
  • In May 2011, BAT acquired the Colombian company Productora Tabacalera de Tabacos SA (Protabaco);
  • In January 2017, British American Tobacco announced that it agreed to acquire a 57.8% stake in Reynolds American Tobacco, which the company has not yet held, for US$49.4 billion . British American Tobacco currently holds 42.2% of the shares in Reynolds American and valued the latter at 850 After the completion of the acquisition, the new company will become the world’s largest listed tobacco company based on its operating income and market value.
  • On July 25, 2017, British American Tobacco completed the acquisition of Reynolds, and the latter’s stock was delisted.
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