The third largest high-end department store in the United States: Dillard’s Inc. (DDS) (1938)

Dillard Department Store (Dillard Department Store) Dillard’s Inc. (NYSE: DDS) was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, with 22,800 full-time employees (December 2018). It is an American fashion apparel and cosmetics company. , Furniture retailer, is the third largest high-end department store in the United States.

Dillards Inc. Logo

Dillard’s Inc. (DDS):

Dile Department Store is an American company engaged in the retail of fashion, cosmetics and household products. The stores provide a series of retail products, including men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, children’s clothing, cosmetics, household products and other consumer goods.

Dillard’s Inc. has many brands, including: Gianni Bini, GB, Antonio Melani, Roundtree & Yorke, and Daniel Cremieux.

As of February 3, 2018, Dillards Department Store operated a total of 292 Dillard’s stores, including 24 clearance discount centers and 1 online online store (

In addition to the retail department store business, Dillard’s Inc. also independently operates an engineering contractor, mainly for the decoration and maintenance of the company’s stores.

Dillard’s Inc. (DDS) History:

  • In 1938, William T. Dillard founded the company;
  • In 1956, Dillard acquired Mayer & Schmidt, and the store adopted the name of Dillard’s Mayer & Schmidt until 1974;
  • In 1960, Dillard acquired Brown-Duncan, Oklahoma, USA;
  • In 1963, Dillard acquired the Joseph Pfeifer store in Little Rock, Arkansas;
  • At the end of 1963, it acquired Gus Blass Co., another major retailer in Little Rock;
  • In 1969, Dillard Department Stores, Inc. IPO listed on the American Stock Exchange;
  • In 1971, it acquired 5 stores in Texas from Fedway under Federated Department Stores;
  • In 1974, acquired Leonard’s 5 stores in Texas;
  • In 1974, the previous Brown-Dunkin, Blass, Pfeifer, Mayer & Schmidt stores were renamed the unified brand-Dillard’s;
  • In 1982, Dillard rented three units at Lowenstein’s in Memphis, Tennessee;
  • In 1984, Dillard’s acquired 12 Stix, Baer & Fuller stores in St. Louis and Kansas City from Associated Dry Goods Corp.;
  • In the fall of 1984, acquired two department store departments from Dayton-Hudson Corporation (now part of Target Corporation );
  • In early 1986, acquired RH Macy & Co.’s 12 stores in Kansas and Missouri. In the fall of the same year, acquired 3 Hemphill-Wells;
  • In 1987, it acquired Allied Stores Corp.’s 26 Joske’s stores in Arizona, Texas and Tennessee;
  • In 1988, acquired the clothing department store chain department of Selber Bros. founded in 1907;
  • In 1988, it acquired 3 units of the Miller & Paine chain located in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the same year, it acquired 50% of the controlling rights and interests in The Higbee Co., an Ohio company;
  • In 1989, acquired DH Holmes Co., Ltd.;
  • In 1990, acquired 23 Ivey’s brand chain stores located in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida from BATUS;
  • In 1991, acquired Florida Gulf Coast store from Maison Blanche Co.;
  • In 1992, acquired the remaining 50% of Higbee’s. In the same year, acquired Horne’s (currently: Joseph Horne Company) 5 stores in Ohio;
  • In 1992, 3 Hess’s stores were acquired (5 in 1994); 2 EM Scarbrough’s stores in Texas were acquired; Thalimer’s 2 stores in South Carolina and Tennessee; 1 Lord & Taylor was located in A store in Memphis, Tennessee; a 3 Belk-Lindsey store in Florida;
  • In 1995, acquired 2 Belk of Columbia stores;
  • In 1998, acquired Mercantile Stores Co., Inc.;
  • In 1998, the acquisition of Fairfield, an Ohio department store, brought multiple brands to the company, including: Bacon’s, Castner Knott, de Lendrecie’s, Gayfers, Glass Block, Hennessy’s, JB White, Joslins, Lion Store, Maison Blanche, McAlpin’s , Root’s and The Jones Store;
  • In 1998, Dillard’s sold 26 Mercantile Stores brand stores to May Department Stores Co. and Saks Incorporated;
  • After acquiring Mercantile Stores in 1998, Dillard’s gave up its strategy of expansion through acquisitions. Since then, there has been less acquisition activity. Among them, in 2001, it acquired its locations in Utah and Idaho from ZCMI (Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution). 8 Montgomery Ward stores;
  • In 2004, Dillard’s credit card business unit (Dillard’s National Bank) was sold to GE Money Bank (now GE Capital). These cards can be used in places where American Express cards are accepted ;
  • In 2008, Dillard’s closed the travel agency business unit-Dillard’s Travel.
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