The world’s largest forensic software supplier: Guidance Software (GUID)-delisting (1997)

Guidance Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: GUID) was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Pasadena, California, USA, with 420 full-time employees. It is a technology company that provides evidence collection in the United States, Europe, Asia and internationally. Security solutions is the world’s largest forensic software provider.

Update: On September 14, 2017, OpenText acquired Guidance Software, Inc., a forensic software provider, for USD 240 million.

Guidance Software Logo

Guidance Software (GUID):

Guidance Software is the world’s leading pioneer in computer investigation and forensics excellence, providing endpoint investigation solutions for network security, security incident response, electronic discovery, data privacy and forensic analysis.

Company products include:

  • EnCase Endpoint Investigator: A platform that enables organizations to search, collect, save, and analyze data on servers, desktops and laptops across the web.
  • EnCase Endpoint Security: Provides key information technology network security functions.
  • EnCase eDiscovery: To solve the end-to-end e-discovery needs.
  • EnCase Forensic: A desktop-based product used to collect, store, analyze and verify computer forensic data for criminal and civil court proceedings.
  • EnCase Portable: Diversion and collection solution.
  • EnCase App Central: An online marketplace that allows developers and survey professionals to share and discover the latest application opportunities.
  • Tableau appliances: including write blockers, forensic replicators and storage devices.
  • Consulting services such as e-discovery, cybersecurity incident response, civil/criminal digital investigations, implementation services, guiding software consulting plans, cloud review and training services, as well as customer service and technical support services.

Guidance Software provides services to government agencies and companies in financial and insurance services, technology, defense contracting, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries.

Gaydens Software has used more than 10,000 copies worldwide, and it trains more than 4,000 people every year. Its customers are all over the world: its market share of government agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom exceeds 90%, and 32 of the Fortune 50 are its customers. The market share reached 99%.

Guidance Software (GUID) investment:

On September 14, 2017, OpenText acquired Guidance Software, Inc., a forensic software provider, for US$240 million.

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