The world’s largest insulin manufacturer: Novo Nordisk (NVO) (1925)

Novo Nordisk (Novo Nordisk) Novo Nordisk A/S (NYSE: NVO, OMX: NOVO B) was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Bagsvaerd, Denmark, with 43,158 full-time employees. It is a healthcare company focusing on global It is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products within the scope, and is the largest insulin manufacturer in the world.

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Novo Nordisk (NVO):

Novo Nordisk A/S is a healthcare company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals worldwide. The company is divided into two parts, Diabetes and Obesity care and Biopharmaceuticals.

  • The Diabetes and Obesity Care Department provides insulin, GLP-1 and related delivery systems, oral hypoglycemic products, obesity and other chronic disease products.
  • The biopharmaceutical sector provides products in the fields of hemophilia, growth disorders and hormone replacement therapy.

Novo Nordisk provides products and services in the field of diabetes, growth hormone and hemophilia. Novo Nordisk A/S has a series of medicines that can treat diabetes. Novo Nordisk’s insulin and other pharmaceutical products are sold in 179 countries, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, China and other European countries.

Novo Nordisk has established a strategic alliance with Evotec AG to discover and develop small molecule therapies for patients with diabetes, obesity and comorbidities, and has conducted research cooperation with Kallyope Inc.

Novo Nordisk also signed a cooperation agreement with Lund University (Lund University) to develop stem cell-derived Parkinson’s disease treatments; cooperated with Staten Biotechnology BV to develop new therapies for the treatment of dyslipidemia; cooperated with Medtronic plc Diabetes patients develop integrated digital solutions; cooperate with bluebird bio, Inc. to develop in vivo genome editing treatments for genetic diseases.

Novo Nordisk (NVO) History:

  • 1923 Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium was established
  • 1925 Novo Terapeutisk Laboratorium was established
  • 1932 Noord Insulin Laboratory established Steno Memorial Hospital
  • 1938 Novo company established Hvidøre Diabetes Sanatorium
  • 1941 Novo launched its first enzyme product-trypsin, which is extracted from animal pancreas and used to soften leather before tanning
  • 1946 NORD develops intermediate-acting insulin
  • 1947 Novo launched the first product manufactured through fermentation-Novo Penicillin
  • 1953 Novo launches long-acting insulin zinc suspension-Lente®
  • 1963 Alcalase®, the first detergent enzyme produced by Novo Company through fermentation technology, was launched
  • 1973 Nordisk launched the growth hormone Nanoormon® for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency. The growth hormone is extracted from the human pituitary gland
  • 1973 Launched the purest single-component insulin
  • 1974 Novo’s B shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • 1977 Launched a synthetic oral hormone replacement therapy product for menopausal women-Trisequens®
  • 1981 Novo became the first Nordic company listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  • 1982 Launched the world’s first human single-component insulin equivalent to human insulin, which is extracted from porcine pancreatic islets and transformed into human insulin
  • 1984 Launched synthetic oral hormone replacement therapy product for postmenopausal women-Kliogest®
  • 1985 Launched Novo Pen® – pen-type insulin injection dispenser with replaceable insulin refills
  • 1987 Novo company began to use genetically engineered yeast cells to produce human insulin
  • 1988 Nord Company launched the human growth hormone produced by genetic engineering-Norditropin®
  • 1989 Novo Industries merged with Nordgentoft, and Novo Nordisk was established
  • 1989 Launched the world’s first pre-filled insulin syringe-NovoLet®
  • 1992 Steno Memorial Hospital and Hvidøre Hospital merged, Steno Diabetes Center established
  • 1992 Launched the treatment of depression-Seroxat®
  • In 1994, Novo Nordisk was the first company in Denmark to publish an environmental report and one of the first companies in the world to publish an environmental report.
  • 1996 NovoSeven®, a blood injection solution for hemophilia patients, began to sell
  • 1998 NovoNorm®/Prandin®-a new type of oral medicine for the treatment of type 2 diabetes was launched in the United States and many European countries
  • 1998 Activelle® – the first low-dose, continuous-dose synthetic oral hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women
  • 1999 The world’s first liquid growth hormone Norditropin SimpleXx®S using a professional syringe system was sold
  • 1999 The world’s first electronic insulin syringe with built-in memory function-Novoin® was launched in Europe
  • 1999 Launched the first fast-acting insulin analogue-Novo Rui® (registered trademark in the United States is NovoLog®)
  • 2000 Novofem™-a synthetic oral hormone replacement therapy for low-dose sequential therapy was launched in Germany, and the product was also launched in other countries two years later
  • 2000 Novo Nordisk was divided into three independent operating companies under the Novo Group: Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and Novo
  • 2001 Launched InnoLet®-the first insulin delivery system specifically designed for diabetic patients with weak eyesight and hand and feet.
  • 2001 Launched the world’s first product that integrates blood glucose testing and insulin injection system functions-InDuo®
  • 2001 Launched NovoRapid®FlexPen® and Insulatard®(NPH) FlexPen®. FlexPen® is a new type of easy-to-use prefilled insulin pen
  • 2001 Novo Nordisk acquired the Brazilian pharmaceutical company Biobras
  • 2001 World Diabetes Foundation established
  • 2002 The biphasic synthetic insulin analogue NovoMix®30 started sales
  • 2004 Levemir®, a long-acting insulin analogue, was launched on the market
  • 2004 Novoline® Special Charge® was launched
  • 2005 Novoray® 30 was launched
  • 2009 Sales of Victoza®, the first human GLP-1 analogue for daily use, for patients with type 2 diabetes
  • 2013 Novo acquired Xellia for USD 700 million
  • 2015 Novo Nordisk announced that it will cooperate with Ablynx to develop at least one new drug candidate using its Nanobody technology
  • In January 2018, Reuters reported that Novo had offered to acquire Ablynx for US$3.1 billion. But Ablynx’s board of directors rejected the offer that day, saying that the price underestimated the business. In the end, Novo lost to Sanofi , who bid $4.8 billion.
  • In the second half of 2018, Novo Nordisk announced that it would acquire Ziylo for approximately US$800 million.
  • In March 2020, Novo volunteers began to use RT-qPCR equipment to test samples of SARS-CoV-2 during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to increase the available testing capacity.
  • In June 2020, Novo Nordisk announced that it would acquire Corvidia Therapeutics, a spin-off of AstraZeneca, at an initial price of US$725 million to strengthen its position in cardiovascular diseases.
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