The world’s largest integrated printing company: Dai Nippon Printing Co. (DNPLY) (1876)

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (OTC PINK: DNPLY, TYO: 7912) was established in 1876 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has 38,181 full-time employees. It is the world’s largest integrated printing company in Tokyo. Listed on the First Section of the Stock Exchange, with the corporate slogan “P&I Solutions DNP”.

Dai Nippon Printing

Dai Nippon Printing Co. (DNPLY):

Since its founding in 1876, it has focused on printing technology and information technology. After the 1950s, it has also stepped into other business areas such as building materials, information and information industry, household goods industry, electronic machinery industry displays and electronic components, etc., with the most variety in the world Printing company for chemical products. In recent years, it has expanded its business scope to the fields of environment, energy, and biotechnology.

Da Nippon printing bases are centered on Japan in the United States, London, Paris, Holland, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore and Sydney all over the world.

Currently, the Japanese base is under redevelopment in the Ichigaya area. Including a high-rise building with a height of 125m and a low-rise building with a height of 27m, the functions of planning, development, sales, and headquarters are concentrated, and it has evolved from the existing printing factory Ichigaya Factory with a beautiful environment. Others such as sports facilities or cultural facilities are also scheduled for construction. In addition, the surroundings of the various facilities here are prepared with the green space “Ichiya no Mori” as the guide, taking into consideration the surrounding landscape and environment, the harmony of the region and the development, etc. Construction started in 2009 and completed in 2017.

Dainippon Printing is divided into 4 departments to operate:

  1. Information Communication Department (Information Communication)-dictionaries, yearbooks, textbooks, magazines, catalogs, flyers, manuals and other printed publications, electronic publishing, various smart cards, multimedia, satellite broadcasting businesses, advertising media planning, design, and construction , Management, education and publishing channel business, etc.
  2. Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies-Packaging materials for food, daily necessities and medical supplies, plastic injection molding containers, interior and exterior packaging materials for residential furniture, three-dimensional printing products, various thermal transfer products, lithium battery electrode plates, etc.
  3. Electronics Division (Electronics)-Lead holders for integrated circuits, photomasks, liquid crystals, color filters for flat-panel displays, screens for rear projection TVs, etc.
  4. Beverages department-carbonated drinks, non-carbonated drinks, etc.

Da Nippon Printing’s competitor is Toppan Printing Company, Limited. In terms of turnover, profit and financial content, DNP has maintained a relatively high advantage for a long time.

Dai Nippon Printing Co. (DNPLY) history:

The predecessor was Xiuyingsha, founded in 1876, and was renamed Dainippon Printing after merging with Nissin Printing in 1935. After that, it merged with Japan Fine Edition (currently: Osaka Factory), Hongyi Printing (currently: DNP Tokai), North Japan Printing (currently: DNP Hokkaido), etc., and gradually expanded.

Hideeisha is a letterpress printing company founded in Tokyo’s Kyobashi Yazaemon-cho with joint funding of Sakuma Sadaichi, Hirobutsukai, Ouchi Qingran, Yasauemon, and others. Because Sakuma Sada took over the distribution of the church newspaper of the University of Education, and for the printing of the church newspaper, he bought the printing office. Xiuyingsha mainly prints newspapers, and its representative prints are the reprint of the letterpress printing of Masaichi Nakamura’s “The Story of the West Country”.

At that time, movable type was only supplied by the Printing Bureau and Tsukiji Letterpress. At the beginning of its establishment, the movable type was purchased directly. It was not until Yasuda’s proposal in 1881 that the letter (father type) was purchased by himself. In 1882, it was officially installed in Yamashita Town, Ginza. “Ziwentang” cast movable type. Inheriting the No. 5 system of the Tsukiji Letterpress and Printing Bureau and the first system of the new handwriting, these two types of calligraphy gradually formed at that time. In the mid-1930s of the Meiji period, the calligraphy style later called “Shuying style” (namely Xiuying type. Especially the first issue system), even when the letterpress printing declined, the copying method changed to writing a planting style and a digital type, which was printed in Da Nippon. The body of the book continues to be used in pt-type movable type and Benton matrix.

Nissin Printing was established as the printing office of Tokyo Vocational College (later Waseda University) to undertake general printing business. In 1907, Sanae Takada founded the company organization and set up a factory at the same time. In 1913, he began to actively develop off-set printing related technologies.

  • 1876-Xiuyingshe was founded
  • 1935-Xiuyingsha merged with Nissin Printing and the company name was changed to Dainippon Printing
  • 1949-Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • 1957-Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange (abolished on January 2, 2012)
  • 1963-Coca-Cola Bottling established in Hokkaido
  • 2001-DNP Group’s vision for the 21st century was established
  • 2006-Acquired Konica Minolta’s photo business
  • 2006-DNP Gotanda Building was completed (25 floors above ground/2 floors below ground (118m high))
  • 2008-Maruzen, Junkyutang Bookstore, Library Channel Center, etc. were acquired as subsidiaries
  • 2009-Invested in the acquisition of the longest enemy in the publishing industry, BOOKOFF, the largest second-hand bookstore, and other publishing houses such as the Friends of Housewives and other companies that are applicable to the branch law
  • 2009-Chunjiutang Bookstore acquired shares and became a subsidiary
  • 2010-Wenchao Group Holdings and Xiongsongtang Bookstore, which sells Western books, are all closed as subsidiaries, affecting the overall structure of the publishing industry and playing a key role in it
  • 2010-Integration of subsidiary Maruzen and Library Access Center, CHI Group was established. In addition, Chunjiudo Bookstore and Xiongsundang Bookstore, which are also subsidiaries, also joined CHI Group.
  • 2010-INTELLIGENT WAVE shares were acquired and accepted as a subsidiary
  • 2010-Wenchao Bookstore’s shares were acquired and taken over as a subsidiary
  • 2010-Established honto, the largest hybrid comprehensive bookstore in Japan, with CHI Group. All kinds of books such as comics, literature, non-fiction, finance, etc. are available, and services such as PC, iPhone (including iPod touch), iPad, DOCOMO smart phones, DOCOMO compatible e-book readers, etc. are also available. Provides honto BOOK, the e-book browsing software for general books, and the standard format used for e-books. The built-in image e-book special software “Image Viewer” is unique to Da Nippon Printing. There is also honto COMIC, a special viewing software for comics
  • In 2011, 2Dfacto, a company jointly funded with NTT DOCOMO, started operations
  • 2011-Integration of Shujiutang Bookstore, Xiongsongtang Bookstore and CHI Group
  • 2012-The first phase of the redevelopment of Ichigaya area “South Building” completed
  • August 2012-Acquired 20,726,410 shares of UNISYS in Japan held by Mitsui & Co. (accounting for approximately 18.90% of all issued shares and approximately 22.08% of the voting rights), and UNISYS of Japan became a related company applicable to the holding law. In order to respond to the rapid expansion of IT companies, it is important to strengthen IT resources and technical information on a wide scale. Based on the results of comprehensive reviews such as the perspectives of the maintenance and strengthening of IT foundations, it is judged to acquire the shares of UNISYS in Japan held by Mitsui & Co. The business assistance between UNISYS is helpful to the improvement of corporate value.
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