The world’s largest manufacturer of dust collection equipment: Donaldson Company (DCI) (1915)

Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE:DCI) was founded in 1915 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, with 12,500 full-time employees. It is a global company engaged in the manufacturing, replacement and sales of filtration systems and parts, and is also a world-renowned company. Dust equipment manufacturing company.

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Donaldson Company (DCI):

Donaldson Company is a manufacturer of filtration systems and replacement parts. It has a marketing history of more than 80 years in Europe and the United States, and it is also the world’s largest brand of dust collection equipment. The company’s filtration products and solutions include:

Donaldson Company Filtration Solutions

  • 1. Industrial filtration and purification products

Donaldson Torit (Dust Collector)

Donaldson Torit is a global leader in the field of industrial dust removal. It can provide domestic customers with bag type to cartridge type dust collectors, a complete series of dust, smoke, oil mist filters and dust collector spare parts, as well as the latest PowerCore innovative technology products . The advanced dust collector and the unique filter material greatly improve production efficiency and provide a cleaner working environment for employees.

Donaldson Ultrafilter (compressed air and process filtration)

Donaldson’s filtration products cover air and process gas, steam and liquid filtration, providing customers with comprehensive solutions. Products are widely used in chemical, biological engineering, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and beverage, ink, packaging and other industries. Donaldson has developed a complete line of compressed air and process filtration products. Whether in the power workshop or process production workshop, we can provide you with reliable and efficient compressed air, steam and liquid filtration solutions.

Donaldson Compressor (air compressor filtration)

Donaldson provides comprehensive solutions for air compressor systems, including a complete set of filtration and separation systems.

  • 2. Engine filter + motor vehicle

Air filtration : Whether it is used in construction machinery equipment or commercial vehicles, no matter in any application operating environment, Donaldson’s air filtration technology can provide perfect protection to the engine and also have a longer filter life.

Lubricant/fuel/coolant filtration : Today’s heavy-duty engines require the most excellent filtration performance. Donaldson’s liquid filters and filter elements have better performance than competitors’ similar products in terms of service life and engine protection.

Hydraulic filtration : Donaldson develops, produces and sells a full range of industrial hydraulic filtration products, which are used to protect as many as hundreds of machinery and components used in different applications. Hydraulic filtration is also one of Donaldson’s most competitive technologies.

  • 3. Membrane filter material

Donaldson Membranes is a modern manufacturer specializing in the production of Tetratex® microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes and unique technologies in the United States. Since 1981, the company has specialized in the production, development and application of Tetratex® polytetrafluoroethylene film, and became a division of the Donaldson Group in the United States in the 1990s. The products are manufactured in Donaldson’s production facilities, which are located in Ivyland, Pennsylvania, USA, Hull, UK, and Wuxi, China. Tetratex® membranes have been used in a variety of industrial fields: air pollution control, liquid separation, clean room filtration, chemical anti-chemical clothing, fire-fighting clothing, high-tech products waterproof and breathable membranes, sterile disinfection appliances, and dust collection industries. Donaldson has established Tetratex® laminated products production facilities and sales offices in different countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia to promote Tetratex® products.

  • 4. Computer hard disk filter
  • 5. Semiconductor lithography filter system
  • 6. Micro-breathable filtration scheme

Donaldson has more than 90 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ventilation, heat dissipation, water, oil, and dust proof products. At the same time, its (PTFE) film can also be thermally bonded to polypropylene and polyester substrates. Use its patented oleophobic method to resist oil and water. Donaldson also provides products with adsorbents that can remove various gases that are harmful to automotive, medical or industrial parts.

  • 7. Gas turbine filter system

Self-cleaning filter : Donaldson’s self-cleaning system can make the turbine and generator set work in any location. Such as: sand-filled desert areas, urban/factory areas, coastal areas and severe cold north. Since the system is self-cleaning, almost no maintenance is required before the filter is replaced.

Static filters : Donaldson static (non-self-cleaning) air filtration systems are often used to protect turbines and generator sets working in urban, industrial, marine, ship and coastal environments.

Filter Cartridge : No matter what brand of cartridge filter device you have, Donaldson has a filter cartridge suitable for you.

Flat filter : Replace with flat filter, which is suitable for Donaldson and non-Donaldson inlet air filtration systems.

Pre-treatment filter : The pre-treatment filter, whether wound or flat, can prolong the life of the main filter by pre-trapping large particles, such as seeds, leaves, and fibers in the air.

Spare parts and accessories: replaceable accessories for Donaldson filter systems.

Memorabilia of Donaldson Company (DCI):

  • 1915-Frank Donaldson and his father WHL Donaldson founded Donaldson Engineering Company
  • 1918-The company was reorganized to establish Donaldson Company, Inc
  • 1938-Donaldson Company establishes its first overseas production base in Canada
  • 1942-Frank Donaldson died, his son Frank jr. took over in 1951
  • 1960s-Donaldson’s international expansion, including: Germany, South Africa, England, France, Australia and Benelux
  • 1973-Donaldson Company acquires two air filtration companies Torit Corp. and Majac Inc.
  • 1975-Donaldson Company creates a new hydraulic oil filtration system
  • 1996-Donaldson Company acquires French muffler manufacturer-Tecnov
  • 1997-Established Donaldson Korea Company
  • 1999-Donaldson Company began to enter the Chinese market. In the same year, it acquired AirMaze Corp for USD 31.9 million
  • 2000-Donaldson & Company acquired the British DCE Dust Control Company for USD 56.4 million
  • 2002-Donaldson Company acquired Ultrafilter International AG, an industrial parts manufacturer, for US$68 million
  • 2007-Donaldson Corporation acquired Aerospace Filtration Systems (a company that has signed a distribution agreement with Kaman Industrial Technologies and has annual sales of 18 million US dollars)
  • 2015-Donaldson Company opened several new factories.
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