The world’s largest manufacturer of portable coordinate measuring machines: FARO Technologies (FARO) (1981)

FARO Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, USA, with 1,288 full-time employees. It is a computer-aided production measurement system, including software and 3D measurement system design and development company .

FARO Technologies Logo

FARO Technologies (FARO):

Faru Technology Co., Ltd. designs and develops computer-aided production measurement systems, including software and 3D measurement systems. The products are used in manufacturing, industry, and building construction. It is the world’s leading portable computer-aided three-dimensional (3D) measurement equipment system and software The supplier is also the world’s largest manufacturer of portable coordinate measuring machines.

FARO Technologies products include portable measurement arms, laser scanning measurement systems, spatial measurement laser trackers, portable three-coordinate measuring machines, CAM2 measurement software packages and robotic arms.

Globally, more than 15,000 customers have installed more than 30,000 FARO systems.

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