The world’s largest phosphate fertilizer producer: The Mosaic Company (MOS) (2004)

The Mosaic Company (NYSE:MOS) was established in 2004 by the Crop Nutrition Department of Cargill and IMC Global (formerly NYSE:IGL), headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with 12,600 full-time employees Ren is the world’s largest phosphate fertilizer producer and the world’s second largest fertilizer producer. It mainly produces and sells phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer products for the global agricultural market.

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The Mosaic Company (MOS):

Mosaic Company is a Fortune 500 company located in Tampa, Florida, responsible for mining phosphates and potash fertilizers, and is the largest potash and phosphate fertilizer producer in the United States.

Mosaic was formed in October 2004 by the merger of the fertilizer company IMC Global and Cargill’s crop nutrition department. It is a combination of producers and distributors of concentrated phosphate and potash fertilizers, and its customer base includes wholesalers, retailers and individual growers worldwide. It is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, and has approximately 12,600 employees in eight countries. Mosaic announced on October 26, 2018 that it would move its headquarters from Plymouth, Minnesota to Tampa, Florida.

The Mosaic Company’s business is divided into 2 major parts: (1) phosphate fertilizer and (2) potash fertilizer.

  1. Phosphate fertilizer: The main ingredients are concentrated phosphate and other substances, such as diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, ammoniated phosphate fertilizer products, and phosphate-based animal feed ingredients. The sales brands of this part are Biofos and Nexfos.
  2. Potash fertilizer: Mainly used in fertilizers and animal feed materials, and various industrial applications. It can also be used for deicing and water softening and regeneration.

Maison sells its products to wholesalers, retail chains, cooperatives, independent retailers and warehouse operators through distribution systems including sales offices, ports, and warehouses. At the end of October 2013, Mosaic acquired the phosphate fertilizer assets of CF Industries Holdings for 1.4 billion US dollars . The acquisition project includes the South Pasture phosphate mine and plant in Florida, USA, a production plant, ammonia terminal and warehouse equipment, which can produce 1.8 million phosphate fertilizers annually. .

At present, Mosaic has an annual production capacity of 9.3 million tons of potash fertilizer, and it is expected to reach 15 million tons per year by 2021. In terms of phosphate fertilizer, Maison is currently the world’s largest phosphate fertilizer producer. In 2013, the company’s production capacity reached 7.6 million tons of liquid crop phosphate fertilizer and 15 million tons of solid phosphate fertilizer.

The Mosaic Company (MOS) history:

  • In January 2004, the crop nutrition business unit of Cargill, Inc. reached an agreement with IMC Global to jointly form a crop nutrition company;
  • In June 2004, Cargill announced that it had chosen a name for the new company: The Mosaic Company;
  • In October 2004, Legg Mason began trading on the NYSE under the stock code: MOS;
  • In July 2006, Jim Prokopanko became CCO of Legg Mason;
  • In January 2007, Jim Prokopanko took over Fritz Corrigan as CEO and Chairman of the company;
  • In January 2011, Mosaic and Cargill reached a split agreement, and Cargill will inject relevant assets into Mosaic in an orderly manner;
  • In May 2011, Mosaic was completely separated from Cargill;
  • In October 2013, Mosaic acquired the phosphate fertilizer assets of CF Industries Holdings for 1.4 billion US dollars ;
  • In November 2013, Mosaic closed their potash business at the Hersey facility in Michigan;
  • In July 2014, Cargill acquired Mosaic’s salt plant in Hersey, Michigan;
  • December, 2014: Mosaic acquired the fertilizer distribution business of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) in Brazil and Paraguay;
  • In August 2015, Joc O’Rourke succeeded Jim Prokopanko as President and CEO of Mosaic;
  • In January 2018, Mosaic completed the acquisition of Vale Fertilizantes.

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