The world’s largest private oil trader: Vitol Group of Companies

Vitol Group of Companies (Vitol Group, Vitol Energy Group) Vitol Group of Companies (Vitol Group) was founded by Henk Viëtor and Jacques Detiger in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1966. It is now headquartered in Switzerland and has 5,441 full-time employees. A global energy and commodity trading company, and also the world’s largest independent oil trader (the second place is: Trafigura Singapore , a private partnership. Even many people in the oil industry think that Victor is a mystery). Even Daniel Yergin, chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (author of “Oil Storm” and “Exploration: Energy, Security and Rebuilding the Modern World”) said, Although knowing the name Widow, “but I must admit that I don’t know much about them”.

Vitol Group

Vitol Group of Companies:

In view of the mystery of the Victor Company, we can only write how much is it^_^

Victor Company-is the world’s largest private oil trader with operating income exceeding Chevron or Toyota . It is mainly engaged in commodity trading. It is the world’s largest independent crude oil trading company. It is a private partnership. Victor’s business is more than 24 times that of Samsung (Samsung Group), but its employees are only 1% of Samsung’s (5000+ employees worldwide). The Victor Group has no listed stocks and is rarely known. The company is only involved in the energy industry, with annual revenue of 152 billion U.S. dollars (2016), and 17 million cubic meters of storage to store oil, coal, natural gas and other energy. What’s more magical is that the company can sell ISIS oil to the United States.

Vitol Group 2012 operating income of $ 303 billion (the largest revenue private company), according to sales revenue calculation, it is the world’s largest private enterprises, over the same private company giants Cargill (Cargill) and Koch Industries (Koch Industries). If Victor goes public, its reported operating income will be ranked 7th in the 2012 Fortune Global 500 list, ahead of Chevron and Toyota.

Victor Group takes physical transactions, logistics and distribution as the core business, and also includes oil refining, transportation, terminals, exploration and production, power generation, mining and retail businesses. Vitol has 40 offices worldwide, and its largest operations are in Geneva, Houston, London and Singapore. With revenue of US$152 billion in 2016, it is the world’s largest independent energy trader and ranks eighth on the “Fortune” Global 500 list. The Victor Group Company transports more than 350 million tons of crude oil each year and controls 250 supertankers and other vessels to transport energy around the world. On average, Vitol Group of Companies processes more than 7 million barrels of oil and products per day—roughly equivalent to the daily consumption of Japan, the world’s third largest oil consumer (after the United States and China).

Vitol is a private company whose equity is owned by some employees. The company is known for its privacy and confidentiality culture. In March 2015, the British “Financial Times” stated that Vitol appeared to have distributed $1.2 billion in dividends.

In 2018, the Dispute Settlement and Sanctions Committee of the French Energy Regulatory Commission CRE fined VITOL SA 5 million euros due to the fact that it was in a virtual natural gas trading point (“PEG Sud”) in southern France between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014. “) Market manipulation. Widow appealed.

In 2016, Victor Group traded:

  • Petroleum: 351 million tons of crude oil and petroleum products
  • Natural gas: more than 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the world
  • Liquefied petroleum gas: 10 million tons
  • Naphtha: 27 million tons
  • Gasoline: 1 million barrels of gasoline are traded every day
  • Coal: more than 30 million tons
  • Electricity: 102 TWh of electricity sales shrink
  • Methanol: 1.4 million tons
  • Chemicals: 4 million tons (benzene and p-xylene)

Vitol Group of Companies investment:

Private company!

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