The world’s largest producer of virgin cardboard & packaging boxes: Graphic Packaging Holding (GPK)

Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE:GPK) was founded in 199, formerly known as Graphic Packaging International, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with 12,000 full-time employees, and is the world’s largest raw pulp board and packaging Box and packaging machine manufacturer and supplier.

Graphic Packaging Holding Company

Grafic Packaging Graphic Packaging Holding Company (GPK):

Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE: GPK) is a Fortune 1000 company located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. It is a leading company in the field of commercial product packaging design and manufacturing. GPK is a wide range of consumer products, especially Beverages and packaging food manufacture cardboard and folding cartons. The company operates a factory in West Monroe, Louisiana, and uses recycled municipal wastewater to manufacture food-grade cardboard in Macon Georgia.

Graphic Packaging Holding Company is divided into 3 departments to operate: Paperboard Mills, Americas Paperboard Packaging, and Europe Paperboard Packaging.

GPK provides coated unbleached kraft paper (CUK) and coated recycled cardboard (CRB) to various cardboard packaging processors and brokers; cardboard packaging folding cartons mainly serve consumer product packaging companies in the food, beverage and consumer goods markets.

Graphic Packaging Holding Company also produces corrugated media and kraft paper; provides various laminated, coated and printed packaging structures produced by CUK and CRB, as well as other grades of cardboard purchased from third-party suppliers; designs and manufactures bottles and Special packaging machines for cans and packaging machines for non-beverage consumer goods; install packaging machines in factories for customers, and provide machine support, service and performance monitoring.

Graphic Packaging Holding Company mainly arranges sales of its products through third-party sales offices and brokers in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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