The world’s largest water treatment equipment manufacturer: Pentair plc (PNR) (1966)

Pentair plc (NYSE: PNR) was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Manchester, England, with 28,400 employees worldwide. It is the world’s largest professional water treatment equipment manufacturing company.

Pentair PNR Logo

Pentair (PNR):

Pentair’s water group is the world’s largest professional water treatment equipment manufacturing company, with more than 50 branches worldwide, and one of the 500 largest industrial companies in the United States. The business of Pentair Group mainly involves: water technology field, electronic cabinet industry. Pentair Water Group is the primary industry of Pentair Group. Its main businesses include pumps, purification and filtration, swimming pools and water features.

As a diversified industrial manufacturing company, Pentair’s business involves valves and control parts, technical solutions, flow and filtration solutions, and water quality systems. Specific products include:

Pentair is engaged in the design, manufacturing, and sales of valves, pipe fittings, automation and control systems, and actuator components, as well as providing engineering, design, testing, maintenance and repair services;

In addition, Pentair also provides high-efficiency and energy-saving water pumps and filtration facilities, automation control equipment and carbon dioxide recovery systems;

Edge equipment and accessories, as well as water technology solutions, including water pumps, filtration equipment, heat shrinkable products, automated control and cleaning equipment, water purification and treatment technology, fountains and waterscape equipment and facilities, etc.;

Involving, manufacturing and selling fluid transmission products for wastewater treatment and various industrial applications, control to pumps, pipe fittings, fluid systems and couplings;

Provide low-carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic enclosures for switchgear, boxes, boards, backplanes and thermal management systems, switches for sensitive electronic devices, thermal management solutions, and thermal protection applications for temperature-sensitive fluids.

Pentair’s products are mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, mining, food and beverage, pulp and paper applications, residential, pharmaceutical, catering, medical, municipal, industrial desalination applications, water and wastewater treatment, agriculture , Wastewater solid treatment, supercharged engine cooling, fluid transportation and energy industries.

Pentair (PNR) History:

  • In July 1966, Pentair Group was established;
  • In December 1984, Pentair ranked among the top 500 industrial companies in the United States by Fortune Magazine;
  • In October 1995, Pentair acquired American FLECK control valve (FLECK®);
  • In March 1996, Pentair was listed on the New York Stock Exchange;
  • In August 1997, Pentair acquired the American GENERAL SIGNAL PUMP Group;
  • In December 1997, Pentair established an office in Shanghai (now the Asia-Pacific headquarters);
  • In August 1999, Pentair acquired the US ESSF Group (STRUCTURAL®, CODELINE®, PACFAB);
  • In December 2003, Pentair acquired EVERPURE (EVERPURE™), a company from the United States.
  • In August 2004, Pentair acquired Wisconsin Energy (STA-RITE®, SHURFLO, HYPRO) from Wisconsin Energy for US$850 million;
  • In 2005, Pentair acquired some of APW’s assets for US$144 million, including: McLean Thermal Management, Aspen Motion Technologies and Electronic Solutions;
  • In 2006, Pentair acquired the German wastewater treatment pump production company Jung Pumpen GmbH for US$227 million. The transaction was completed in early 2007;
  • From 2005 to 2006, Pentair successively acquired Acu-Trol, Inc., Delta Environmental Products, some assets of Krystal Klear, 70% equity of Beijing Jieming Tiandi Environmental Equipment (after the acquisition was renamed Beijing Pentair Water Jieming), and US$225 million for water filtration Porous Media, a separate company;
  • In 2012, the flow control business of Pentair and Tyco International Ltd. (TYC) formally merged to form Pentair Ltd.;
  • On August 17, 2015, Pentair Plc, a US manufacturer of water treatment and storage systems, announced that it would acquire Global Co, a privately held manufacturer of engineering electrical and fastening products, for US$1.8 billion in cash. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of 2015 , And will increase its 2016 earnings per share by 40 cents.
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