The world’s twelfth largest luxury goods group: Hermes International SCA (1837)

Hermes International SCA International’s Hermes ( HERMÈS ) (HRMS.PA) was founded in 1837 and headquartered in Paris, France, headquarters is also located in Paris, full-time employees 11,718 people (end of 2014), is a famous French fashion and luxury brand, 2016 The 12th largest luxury goods company of the year .


Hermes International Information:

Hermès is a French company, and Hermès is based in the field of fashion brands with this brand name. Hermès initially started its business as a harness product workshop. After the development of automobiles, the use of horse-drawn carriages would decline, so it began to shift the focus of its business to the production of wallets and handbags, and succeeded.

The logo used now is inspired by a watercolor painting painted by Alfredde Dreux in the Hermès Museum. In the painting, a little horseman is waiting for his owner in a Victorian two-seater carriage. The founder of Hermès got this painting Inspired, this painting immediately became a decorative symbol of the perfume Caleche. The reason why such a pattern is deliberately used as a trademark is certainly because of the company’s origins and traditions in the carriage era. On the other hand, it deliberately emphasizes that “Hermes products are all made with the highest quality concept, but how to show that they belong to The style of self depends on the customer.” This means that no one’s carriage is a Hermès product, and the customer who can really control the carriage (the perfect product) is the customer himself. It can be seen that Hermès products are restrained and not grandiose.

Hermès was first founded in 1837 by Thierry HERMÈS (1801-1878) in Paris as a harness manufacturing company. Later, Napoleon III of France and the Tsar of Russia became their customers.

Thierry’s grandson, Emile-Maurice HERMÈS (1871-1951), the third-generation head of the company, turned his business map toward more keratinized operations. Beginning in the 1890s, Hermes produced the first handbag Sac haut-à-croire based on the technology of making harnesses. The watch was launched in 1927. Since then, apparel, jewellery and decorations, perfumes have successively expanded their production departments. The design, manufacturing and sales of all products are all planned by the company’s internal overall planning, one-handed and not faked by others.

In the 1920s, Hermès actively expanded the production lines of handbags, travel bags, gloves, belts, jewelry, notebooks, watches, ashtrays, silk scarves, etc. It also opened its first overseas store in New York, entering another milestone.

After Robert DUMAS took over in the 1950s, new products such as perfumes, ties, suits, shoe accessories, bath towels, porcelain, jewelry, men’s and women’s clothing, watches and table decorations series were launched successively, making Hermès a truly cross-over life Representative of taste.

After obtaining authorization from the John Lobb shoe factory in 1975, other excellent brands including boots, fabrics, and hats were successively recruited by Hermes International Group. Among the 14 businesses of Hermès, in order of importance, leather products rank first, followed by silk and ready-to-wear, watchmaking ranks fourth, followed by perfumes, tableware, gold and silverware, crystals and jewelry.

It is worth mentioning that Hermès silk scarves have become star commodities due to their changeable colors and exquisite handwork. Since the first silk scarf came out in 1937, Hermès has launched more than 900 silk scarves. A Hermès silk scarf can use up to 40 colors. It takes one and a half years from design to completion. Before leaving the factory, an inspection team of more than 40 people monitors the quality of each silk scarf. The standard size of Hermès silk scarf is 90×90 cm square and is made of 75 grams of silk. It can be used as a bracelet on the wrist, worn on the shoulder like a bouquet, or wrapped around the neck, or with a butterfly knot. Tie on a belt or handbag. During the past Christmas period, Hermès sold an average of a silk scarf every 38 seconds, showing its popularity.

The most popular leather bags are the Kelly bag and the Birkin bag. The Kelly bag was first sold in 1935. It was originally named Sac-à-croire. Originally it was an accessory bag attached to a saddle, but it was later improved to be a product suitable for ladies, with a slightly trapezoidal shape. Lines, double pocket buckle design, and a short semi-circular handle. The materials range from crocodile skin, ostrich skin, pig skin to calfskin, and the size is also available, suitable for various occasions. Grace Kelly, who later became the actress of the Princess of Monaco, attended a public occasion when she was pregnant with Princess Caroline, and was photographed by the American “Life” magazine in which she used the bag to cover her micro With the photos of the convex abdomen, the bag became famous. With the consent of the princess, Sac-à-croire was officially renamed Kelly in 1955. Kelly bags from tanning, leather selection, dyeing, tailoring to stitching are all done by hand, and it takes 3 days to complete a leather bag. On the inside of the bag, the craftsman code will be marked. If you want to send it for repair and maintenance in the future, the same craftsman will help you, and will help customers sew their personal English names. Such exquisite production process and follow-up services make it a high price, and it must be booked in advance, and sometimes it may even have to wait several years to buy it.

The same with Kelly’s super popular handbag-Birkin, the origin of its birth also has an interesting story. One time, Du Mai, the president of Hermes, was on an airplane, and the next person happened to meet the British-born but popular French singer Jane Birkin (wife of Serge Gainsbourg at the time), because he often toured various places, Birkin hoped to have a convenient for her. Put a bag of baby diapers and milk powder so that when she goes out with her daughter, she can put all these things together to reduce burden. This wish later contributed to the birth of the Birkin bag. There are two types of Birkin bags, soft and hard, and three size options, both elegant and practical. In today’s high leisure trend, the Birkin bag suitable for boarding travel is even more popular with the public because of its easy matching and full of fashion. In addition, because of the large capacity and easy placement of documents, many professional women who pursue taste also use Birkin bags as briefcases. Supermodel Kate Moss is also one of the lovers of Birkin bags.

Today Hermès has more than 80 subsidiaries under a variety of products, engaged in production, wholesale, retail and logistics management, and constitutes the three major parts of Hermès, namely HERMÈS Sellier (leather goods), La Montre HERMÈS (watches) and HERMÈS Parfums (perfume) ), and has branches all over the world. Hermès has about 200 specialty stores and 56 retail counters around the world. In order to maintain the consistent Hermès taste and image, the design and production of all products, the layout design of each specialty store, and the display cabinets are all made in France. It is ordered by the factory and shipped to various places by air. What we hope to maintain is the persistence of a century of history.

The annual theme of Hermes International:

In 1987, it coincided with the 150th anniversary of the brand. From the beginning of that year, it has established a theme every year to convey the spirit of the brand for that year, and will also issue the annual ribbon for that year. , To be used to package goods. Only since 2005, the brand has become more deeply involved in the Greater China market. The official publication “LE MONDE D’HERMÈS” was released in Chinese for the first time, and the Chinese name of the annual theme was also announced by Hermès.

1987 : Fireworks

1988 : exotic

1989 : Long live France

1990 : The sky of freedom

1991 : HERMÈS in that distant country

1992 : Sea

1993 : Horse

1994 : Sun

1995 : Road

1996 : Music

1997 : Africa

1998 : Tree

1999 : Stars

2000 : the first step towards the new century

2001 : Earth

2002 : hands

2003 : Mediterranean

2004 : Creativity and Color

2005 : As the confluence of rivers

2006 : Paris is like the wind

2007 : Dancing with the orange ribbon

2008 : Dream India

2009 : A beautiful escape

2010 : a story that has been chanted

2011 : Contemporary craftsman

2012 : the gift of time

2013 : rhyming life

2014 : Transformation, creating the legend of Hermes

2015 : A leisurely stroll

2016 : Originated from Nature

2017 : the original meaning of things

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