Train manufacturing: American Railcar Industries (ARII) (1988)

American Railcar Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARII) was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, USA. It has 2,407 full-time employees. It is a railcar company under the name of Carl Icahn and designed in North America. And manufacturing hoppers and tank rail cars.

American Railcar Industries

American Railcar Industries (ARII):

American Railcar Industries, Inc. (ARI) is an American bucket and tanker railcar manufacturer and maintenance company. In addition to the train manufacturing business, American Railcar Industries also engages in railcars through its subsidiary American Railcar Leasing (ARL) And professional tanker rental. In 2013, investor Carl Icahn had a controlling interest in both companies.

The American Railway Industry Corporation is divided into 3 departments to operate: Train Manufacturing (Manufacturing), Railcar Leasing (Railcar Leasing), Railcar Services (Railcar Services).

  1. Manufacturing -manufacture of hopper rail vehicles used to transport various dry bulk products (such as plastic balls) and high-density products including cement and sand; manufacture pressure and pressure-free tank cars; manufacture other rail cars. The department also manufactures rail vehicle components, such as discharge ports for hopper rail cars, fuel tank rail car components and valves, fuel tank heads, sidewalk covers, wheel sets, underframes, export components and skirting boards for industrial and railway customers; aluminum And special alloy steel castings, used in trucks, construction, mining, oil and gas exploration markets, as well as machined castings and other custom processed products.
  2. Railcar Leasing -rents out hopper and tank rail cars. As of December 31, 2015, the department had a total of 10,362 trains (wagons) for rent.
  3. Railcar Services ——Provide railcar services to leasing companies and special hopper & oil tank shippers. The department provides maintenance services for a range of rail vehicle types, including cleaning, internal and external coating, repair/reconstruction, non-destructive testing and engineering services; provides engineering and field services; and sales and administrative, technical, material and procurement support Services, and intellectual property licensing related to rail car repair services.

American Railcar Industries (ARII) History:

  • In 1994, ARI was established as a subsidiary of ACF Industries (the latter has been engaged in rail car leasing business since 1923);
  • In 2004, ARI established its subsidiary American Railcar Leasing;
  • In 2006, ARI acquired Custom Steel, a manufacturer of rail car parts, from Steel industries;
  • In 2009, the company was re-registered in North Dakota.
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