Tumor immunotherapy company: Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NTGN)

Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGN) was founded in October 2013 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, with 84 full-time employees (5/15/2018). It is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company and a new antigen target. To be a leader in the field of therapy, committed to changing cancer treatment by directing the immune system to new antigens.

Neon Therapeutics

Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NTGN):

Gene mutations are a hallmark of cancer and can lead to specific immune targets called neoantigens. The presence of neoantigens in cancer cells and their lack in normal cells make them attractive and undeveloped targets for cancer therapy. By directing the immune system to these targets, Neon Therapeutics, Inc. believes that its neoantigen-targeted therapy will provide a new level of tumor specificity in the field of cancer immunotherapy, which will drive a strong risk/benefit ratio to significantly improve patient treatment outcomes .

The goal of Neon Therapeutics is to guide the transformation of the norms of cancer treatment to the era of true individual immuno-oncology treatment. The company’s founders have done pioneering work in immuno-oncology, including a series of immunotherapies called checkpoint inhibitors that are designed to reactivate the immune system to kill cancer cells. Checkpoint inhibitors have shown effective efficacy in cancers with higher genetic mutation rates or mutation burdens, providing more diverse neoantigen targets. Neon Therapeutics’ development strategy utilizes multiple neoantigen models, including vaccines and T cell therapies, to maximize the potential impact of its therapy. By instructing the immune system to resist new antigen targets, Neon’s vaccine may improve patient outcomes in checkpoint reactive and non-responsive diseases, and the company’s T cell therapy may unlock the effectiveness of cell therapy in solid tumors.

NEO-PV-01-Neon Therapeutics’s individual neoantigen vaccine is custom-designed and manufactured according to each patient’s unique mutation route. This technology was developed by the founders of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of Neon Therapeutics and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University Research Institute on the basis of more than ten years of work, and finally reported the initial report on Nature in July 2017. Clinical trials. The trial confirmed the ability of the individual neoantigen vaccines of 6 patients with adjuvant-treated stage III/IV melanoma to generate a highly specific immune response. All 6 patients after a median of 20 months after the start of vaccination cure.

NEO-PV-01, currently in phase Ib clinical trials in combination with nivolumab for the treatment of metastatic melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer and bladder cancer. The clinical data obtained from this trial so far indicate that the therapy has been well tolerated and can guide the immune system to resist neoantigens in advanced metastatic cancer. In addition, Neon Therapeutics observed evidence of tumor immune pressure and tumor cell killing. The company believes that these findings provide a new treatment mechanism and will notify the NEO-PV-01 clinical development plan.

Neon Therapeutics’ individual neoantigen T cell therapy NEO-PTC-01 consists of multiple T cell populations, which are generated for each patient’s unique neoantigen set. Neon Therapeutics is currently focusing on the initial clinical development of NEO-PTC-01 in solid tumors. The company expects to submit a clinical trial application in Europe in the first half of 2019 to evaluate the therapeutic effect of NEO-PTC-01 on solid tumors.

Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NTGN) investment:

Neon Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGN) submitted its IPO prospectus on 5/31/2018 and listed on NASDAQ on 6/27/2018 with an issue price of US$16.00. It issued 6.25 million shares and raised US$100 million.

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