U.S. listed hemp planting company: Notis Global, Inc. (NGBL) (1977)

Notis Global, Inc. (OTC MRKT:NGBL) was founded in 1977, formerly known as Medbox, Inc. (OTC:MDBX) (previously MindfulEye, Inc.), changed to its current name in February 2016, and headquartered in West Hollywood, California, USA, with 8 full-time employees, including its subsidiaries, provides professional consulting services for the cannabis and cannabis industries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Oregon and Washington.

notis global

Notis Global, Inc. (NGBL) (formerly Medbox):

Notis Global is a leader in the rapidly emerging cannabis industry in the United States, providing professional services to dispensaries, cannabis growers, cannabis processors and research institutions in states where cannabis is legalized. Through trusted customers and branches, Medbox has launched efficient, stable, high-quality, readily available and safe cannabis packaging products.

Notis Global provides medical cannabis control and distribution systems, as well as professional consulting services for the cannabis industry. Medbox uses the trademarks miVape, vivape, vaporfection, aqua vape, vaporsense and vaporglass to market its products. In addition, Medbox is also engaged in the design and construction of pharmacies and training centers.

In addition, Notis Global also provides cannabis turnkey solutions, assistance in licensing and regulatory compliance, site selection, design and licensing, security assurance and business supervision.

Notis Global sells its products directly to nationally recognized pharmacies and through networks and distribution partners.

Here are some recent reports on the legalization of marijuana in the United States:

Report 1: “Business Weekly” in the United States-Colorado and Washington state legalization of cannabis sales has led to a surge in investment in the cannabis industry

The legalization of marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington states has led to a surge in investment in the marijuana industry. Investors inject funds into the field in different ways and expect more profits.

Robert Frichtel, CEO of Colorado Advanced Cannabis Solutions (currently General Cannabis Corporation (OTC: CANN)), attended a conference organized by the cannabis investment company ArcView on January 23, 2014. He joined 11 other cannabis company representatives from 70 people. Investors seeking funding, he said: “Everyone is running towards this future wave of entrepreneurship.”

ArcView is trying to connect people who want to invest in cannabis with companies seeking investors. In return for an annual fee of $3,500, investors have the opportunity to participate in conferences where cannabis companies promote their businesses. The number of investors ArcView has found has grown from 20 a year ago to 110, including New York State Republican Steve Katz, and Joby Pritzker (whose family founded the Hyatt Hotel ).

The prospect of legalization of marijuana has also greatly encouraged stock investors, who speculate that stocks related to the marijuana industry will be the stocks that have risen the most this year. Among them, the stock price of Advanced Cannabis Solutions has risen from US$3.25 (approximately RMB 19.67) per share to US$10.20 (approximately RMB 61.75) this year.

Although federal laws still treat marijuana as illegal, the US Department of Justice stated in August last year that it will not challenge the legal status of marijuana in Washington and Colorado. Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy at the University of California, believes that the federal government will not ban industries related to cannabis production. “There is no profit in crop production. Once a competitive market is formed, prices will fall. If cannabis production is legalized, its prices will be Very low.”

Report 2: Interface Network-After the legalization of cannabis in the United States, more and more cannabis cultivation companies will be listed

Terra Tech , headquartered in Irvine, California, obtained permission from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week to publicly raise US$6.8 million for its medical marijuana business in Nevada. Peterson said the company plans to raise another $7 million later this year.

The MediFarm branch of Terra Tech is responsible for the cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis in Nevada. The approval of the US Securities and Exchange Commission this time is not a small progress. After all, in the eyes of the federal government, marijuana is still as dangerous as heroin and psychedelics.

According to a report by ArcView Group (a venture capital firm focusing on the cannabis industry), legal cannabis sales in the United States will reach approximately US$2.3 billion this year (2014). It is estimated that by 2018 sales will exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars.

Immediately afterwards, more cannabis cultivation companies are seeking approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to sell shares to the public. Several US cannabis companies, such as WeedMaps Media Inc., PotBotics, and GrowBox USA, are all in different stages of IPO planning. There is even a cannabis cultivation company in Toronto, Canada seeking to list in the United States.

Terra Tech’s stock is not traded on the American Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. They have reached an agreement with Dominion Capital, a private equity firm, that Dominion Capital will buy the shares they issue and then gradually sell these shares on the open market.

Terra Tech also has a medical marijuana laboratory and dispensary in Oakland, California, welcoming an average of 900 customers a day. But they did not bet all the treasures on marijuana.

Terra Tech also has a branch called GrowOp Technology, which specializes in producing hydroponic agricultural equipment for indoor cultivation (most of the hemp is now grown indoors in this way). The company also operates Edible Garden, which provides local hydroponics-grown agricultural products to more than 1,000 retailers in the Northwest, Midwest, and Florida, including supermarket chains like Wal-Mart .

Report 3: company Leaf uses technology to grow hemp at home

Leaf has  developed a family planting box, which is very easy to operate, just plug in the power supply. Each box can grow two cannabis plants, which can produce 4-5 ounces of cannabis seeds when mature.

It is more than just a mini home planting box. The system will not only monitor the growth of marijuana, including light, ventilation, nutritional indicators, soil pH and many other indicators, but also automatically respond according to the detection situation, such as increasing light or increasing ventilation. Users can also manually adjust through the App to plant according to their personal experience, and they can also share their experience and planting videos on the App (Leaf has a built-in camera in the planting box).

Leaf received a strategic investment from Advanced Nutrients (a Canadian plant-growing nutrient solution company). Advanced Nutrients will provide Leaf with the nutrients needed for the growth of hemp, and will be made into a separate detachable small box for user convenience.

Such high-tech planting boxes are of course not cheap, each costing $1499. The cost of using it to grow hemp is much higher than the normal cultivation of hemp. At the same time, in addition to the planting box itself, the additional cost of each planting will also be around US$150. For this, the company’s CEO Yoni Ofir said that after a few months of planting, the retail price of the cannabis seeds harvested each time is around $1,200, and the cost can be recovered quickly, which is actually a good business. In the future, Leaf will also strive to reduce the price of equipment and profit from repeated planting by users.

Leaf has now opened equipment reservations. At present, 23 states in the United States allow medical marijuana cultivation, and four states fully allow marijuana cultivation. Leaf will be open to customers with licenses in these areas. Customers can pay a deposit of US$100 in advance and expect to receive the equipment in the summer of 2016.

Notis Global, Inc. (NGBL) (formerly Medbox):

On November 8, 2016, 9 states voted to approve the legalization of marijuana. Except Arizona (yes: negative=52%:48%), each state voted for it. Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota voted in favor of medicinal cannabis measures, while California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted in favor of legalizing recreation. At present, marijuana is legal in 28 states, nine of which and Washington State are legal for recreational use.

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