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Multi Packaging Solutions International Limited (NYSE:MPSX) was established on June 19, 2015, headquartered in New York, USA, with 8,900 full-time employees (3/31/2015). It is a creative product packaging company, mainly for consumer products, healthcare And multimedia market products provide the world’s leading creative packaging services, including: creative design, complementary development of new products and customized supply chain solutions.

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Multi Packaging Solutions (MPSX):

With its extensive market share in the terminal market and the growing demand in the packaging industry, MPSX believes that it has the ability to become a leading company in consumer products and medical terminal markets. At present, about 80% of the company’s sales come from the United States and Europe. And the Asian market accounted for 47%, 47% and 6% respectively. At the same time, 88% of the company’s revenue comes from the consumer product industry and the medical terminal market.

Multi Packaging Solutions mainly provides a series of creative packaging products based on printing, including: advanced folding cartons, inserts, labels and rigid packaging.

Multi Packaging Solutions (MPSX) investment:

MPSX submitted its IPO documents on 6/26/2015 and plans to raise 100 million US dollars. It will be traded on the New York Stock Exchange on October 22, 2015. The issue price is 13 US dollars, and the stock code is MPSX.

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