US military stocks: HEICO Corporation (HEI) (1949)

Heike Airlines HEICO Corporation is the same as Cubic and precision parts in the aerospace industry . It was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. It has 5,900 full-time employees. It is a manufacturing company for defense, aviation, and medical Companies in electrical equipment and aviation engines and aviation equipment accessories in other industries.

HEICO Corporation Logo

Haike Airlines HEICO (HEI):

HEICO designs, manufactures and sells aerospace, defense, electronics and related products and services in the United States and internationally through its subsidiaries. The company has two subsidiaries: Flight Support Group (FSG, Flight Support Group) and Electronic Technologies Group (ETG, Electronic Technologies Group).

  • Flight Support Group FSG-Provides jet engines and aircraft parts for U.S. and foreign military agencies, airlines, defense contractors, etc.; heat insulation products and components; provides special parts for airlines and industrial equipment manufacturers; sells hydraulics, Pneumatic, mechanical and electromechanical components; jet engine and aircraft parts maintenance services; avionics, instruments, composite materials, commercial aircraft surface materials, avionics, navigation systems; military aircraft instrumentation.
  • Electronic Technology Group ETG-provides electro-optical infrared simulation and test equipment for institutions and medical institutions in the United States and international markets; electro-optical laser products; photoelectric, microwave and other power equipment; electromagnetic and radio frequency interference shielding; high-speed interface products; high-voltage interconnection Equipment; high-voltage power electronics; power conversion products; underwater positioning beacons; three-dimensional microelectronics products; custom molded cable assemblies; RF and microwave amplifiers, transmitters and connected equipment (such as: telemetry receivers, digital cameras, high-resolution scanning The receiver of the computer of the instrument, the simulation system and the test system).

Heike Airlines HEICO mainly serves US and foreign military agencies, major defense contractors, medical, communications, electronics, commercial & satellite & spacecraft equipment manufacturers, etc.

Haike Airlines HEICO (HEI) investment:

HEICO Aviation, compared to AVAV and GY and other small market capitalization military stocks, the market value is slightly larger, reaching 3.87 billion US dollars, P/E is also slightly higher, about 31 times, you can pay attention to it, it is recommended to pay attention to the market value of only 200 million U.S. dollar military industry theme stock CUB .

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