US regional bank holding company: First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (FMBH) (1981)

First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: FMBH) was established in 1981, formerly known as First Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc., changed to its current name in April 2019, headquartered in Matourn, Illinois, and employs 828 full-time employees , Is a US regional bank holding company that provides community banking products and services to commercial, retail and agricultural customers in the US through its subsidiaries.

First Mid Bancshares

First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (FMBH):

First Mid Bancshares, Inc. provides various deposit products, such as demand deposit accounts, savings accounts, money market deposits and time deposit accounts.

First Mid Bancshares, Inc.’s loan products include commercial real estate, commercial and industrial, agricultural and agricultural real estate, residential real estate, and consumer loans; other loans include loans to municipalities to support community projects, such as infrastructure improvements or equipment purchases .

In addition, First Mid Bancshares, Inc. also provides wealth management services, including real estate planning, investment and farm management services for individuals; and employee welfare services for enterprises.

Furthermore, First Mid Bancshares, Inc. provides business line insurance for businesses, as well as homeowner, car, health, life and other types of personal insurance for individuals.

First Mid Bancshares, Inc. operates through a network of 64 banking centers in Illinois, 1 office in Missouri, and loan offices in Indiana.

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