Webull Securities’ latest offer in October 2020: US stocks get 5 stocks + Hong Kong stocks get 2 shares of Ali

The latest exclusive event of Webull Securities in October 2020 (you must register and open an account through the QR code of this site or the account opening link to enjoy):

1. U.S. stock offers

Has the new ID cards Webull users, through this site link to open an account or two-dimensional code micro cattle, and completed on or before October 12 upfront deposit , arrival of $ 2100 + , you can get

  • (1) 5 stocks at random, each valued at USD 9-1400;
  • (2) 3 months of free Level 2 in-depth quotations;
  • (3) Customers who roll over for the first time and over USD 2100+ will be reimbursed for the actual rollover fee, up to $100;
  • (4) An additional rebate of RMB 100 per qualified account.

2. Hong Kong Stock Offer

A new Webull user with a domestic ID card can obtain 2 Alibaba Hong Kong shares for the first single deposit of HKD20000 or more and complete an underlying transaction. ( This is exclusive to the Home of American Stocks, the official website directly opens an account and deposits are not enjoyed , the rewards will be issued on October 15)


  • 1) U.S. stocks and Hong Kong stocks activities can only participate in one of them. If both meet the conditions, they will be awarded as U.S. stocks;
  • 2) At present, the Hong Kong stock account and the US stock account have not been opened. The Hong Kong stock account can only trade Hong Kong stocks and receive Hong Kong dollars, and the US stock account can only trade US stocks and accept US dollars.

Webull Securities exclusive discount account opening link:

Webull Securities free 5 stocks offer account opening link

Mobile phone users can directly scan the QR code to get the same discount:

webullerweima2020 8

Webull Securities Discount Account Opening QR Code

Activity support QQ group (verification: Home of US Stocks):

webull258 3


The strength and background of Webull Securities are relatively strong, and it is currently the only pure commission-free (0 commission + 0 platform fee + 0 agency fee) brokerage among Chinese US stock brokers. The Home of US Stocks has always recommended everyone to use it.

Webull Securities received 50 million investment from Xiaomi Technology and others in the Angel Round. The financing history of Webull Securities:

  • In March 2016, the angel round won 50 million yuan investment from Xiaomi Technology Heshunwei Capital;
  • In April 2017, the A round of investment received 120 million yuan financing led by Oriental Hongdao Capital and co-invested by Mobai Capital and Shunwei Capital;
  • In July 2018, the B round of financing was led by Bojiang Capital, followed by Mobai Capital, Hongdao Capital and Dehui Capital to raise 200 million yuan;
  • In July 2019, the Series C financing received 250 million yuan in an exclusive strategic investment of Gopher Assets, a company listed on the NYSE and a third-party wealth management agency, Noah Fortune.

Webull Securities fees

1. U.S. stock account :

  • Transaction fees-0 commissions, 0 platform fees for trading options, underlying stocks, ETFs
  • Support US stocks to launch new shares (mainly US local stocks), no financing, no fees

2. Hong Kong stock account:

  • Transaction cost-0 commission, platform fee: 10 Hong Kong dollars / transaction
  • The first phase only supports cash for Hong Kong stocks, 0 fee (active period), 1% commission for winning the lottery, no dark market for now

Webull Securities Advantage (US stocks)

webullcomparison 1

In addition to qualifications and commissions, the advantages of Weinull Securities’ US stocks are also obvious:

  1. Very low cost: 0 commission, 0 liquidation fee, 0 investment threshold
  2. Pre-market and after-market: Free pre-market and after-market transactions
  3. Rich tools: real-time market information, in-depth charts, analyst ratings
  4. Advanced orders: OCO, OTO, OTOCO and other advanced combination orders
  5. Simulated trading: free practical trading skills for simulated stocks
  6. Regulatory protection: SEC registered with FINRA to supervise SIPC protection
  7. Supported categories: U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stock ETFs, U.S. stock options, U.S. stocks and Hong Kong stocks

Webull Securities Hong Kong Stocks

On September 10, Weiniu Securities, a dual-licensed securities broker for Hong Kong and US stocks, officially launched a zero-commission Hong Kong stock trading service. After 481 days of retreat, Weiniu Securities finally returned to the king. At this point, the long-awaited one-stop service of “zero commission US and Hong Kong stock trading” has finally become a reality.

Webull Securities supports three-minute online account opening for Hong Kong stocks, 0 commissions to trade Hong Kong stocks, ETFs, warrants, and many other varieties. It also supports 0 handling fee Hong Kong stocks cash renewal (during the event period). Many well-known unicorn companies will land on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the second half of the year. Under the general background of the institute, investors will not miss the new economic dividend. The return of the king of Webull Securities also brings heavy benefits to investors for a period of one month (September 10, 2020-October 12, 2020):

New channel users who deposit 2W Hong Kong dollars into a gold Hong Kong stock account and complete a stock transaction can get 2 shares of Alibaba (09988.HK) + Hong Kong stock LV2 advanced market (only recommended by this site).


Webull Securities Hong Kong Stocks and Account Opening

Webull Securities exclusive discount account opening link:

Webull Securities 2020 account opening link

Mobile phone users can directly scan the QR code to get the same discount:

webullerweima2020 7

Webull Securities Discount Account Opening QR Code

After clicking the “register now” button as shown in the figure below, please use your email or mobile phone to complete the registration ( pay attention to the prompt “Wei Niu Newcomer Gift” shown in the figure below for correctness ). After registration, download the Weiniu APP, log in to the APP with the account you just registered, and continue to open the account. The whole process is simple.

webullregistration202009 1

About Weiniu Securities

Webull Financial is headquartered at 44 Wall Street, New York. It is a licensed securities broker in the United States. It is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is a member of the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA) and the United States Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). ) Member, provides each customer with up to 500,000 US dollars of capital protection, is directly supervised by FINRA, and provides convenient US stock trading services.

Questions about bank selection when Weinull Securities deposit funds?

When the friend enters the swift code given by Webull, two banks will appear, just select the one shown in the figure.

webull rujin 1

Activity Rules

  1. During the event, new users who complete the first deposit ≥$2100 to the Weinull Securities account can withdraw 5 free stocks, each worth $9-$1400, and timeout is invalid.
  2. Free stock drawing rules: After the user’s first deposit of $2100 into the Weinull Securities account and the account is received, the user can go to “My Free Stocks” to draw free stocks.
  3. Rollover subsidy of US$100: Only for users who transfer to a Weinull Securities account for the first time during the event, and the transferred assets must exceed $2000, and the actual reimbursement is up to US$100.
  4. Reward distribution: After the user receives the free stock, Webull Securities will issue the free stock to the user’s securities account within 7 working days. The user can continue to hold or sell the stock, and the proceeds from the sale of the stock can be withdrawn or used for purchase Other stocks.
  5. About stocks: After the first deposit is received, users must receive free stocks within 30 days, otherwise the rights to receive free stocks will become invalid, and Webull Securities will take back the free stocks after the expiration.
  6. Consulting Tel: 4000-905-799

This article is not intended as investment advice!

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