World-class showroom operator: International Market Centers (IMC) (2011)

International Market Centers, LP (NYSE:IMC) was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, with a branch and showroom in High Point, North Carolina.

International Market Centers

International Market Centers (IMC):

Since IMC was established in 2001, after 4 years of development, it has developed into the world’s largest exhibition hall service company, providing leading exhibition and sales services for the furniture, home decoration, and gift industries. It is located in Las Vegas (460,000 m 2 ) And High Point (1,100,000 m 2 ) have two world-class exhibition halls. The vision of International Market Centers is to establish and operate an innovative, sustainable, profitable, and scalable platform to provide exhibition services for furniture, home decoration, gifts and other industries.

International Market Centers is committed to providing manufacturers with cross-category operation and display opportunities, helping product manufacturers attract more traffic from international buyers, enhancing marketing efforts, creating new distribution and sales channels, and providing products for furniture, home decoration, and Gift dealers provide priority showroom services. IMC’s integrated platform can provide buyers from all over the world with the most attractive products and prices for product buyers. IMC’s professional team provides exhibitors and buyers with convenient and close cooperation opportunities.

Simply put, IMC is a large Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center icon smile 1.

International Market Centers (IMC) investment:

IMC plans to 2015-05-08 landed New York Stock Exchange, plans to issue 1150 shares, raising $ 149.5 million, the issue price of $ 12-14. On the same day the IPO as well as BOJA and ANTE .

Update: International Market Centers, LP withdrew its listing plan on 12/14/2015.

IMC official website:

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