Zojirushi (1918 -)

Zojirushi begins with Ichikawa Ginzabu and Kinzaburo brothers. My younger brother, Kinzaburo, was working on light bulbs, and he said he was very interested in thermos. At the time, thermos bottles were very expensive and were not widely distributed to ordinary households. My older brother, Ginza Buro, who had a store in Osaka, learned that his younger brother was interested in these things, and his younger brother was in charge of manufacturing, and his older brother in charge of sales. At the beginning of the business, it is said that Kinza Buro was in charge of manufacturing, and Ginza Buro received orders and even delivered them. Starting in this way, Zojirushi gradually expanded its business direction and sold a wide variety of items ranging from warm rice cookers, electric pots, warm lunch boxes, tumblers, and baking machines. Currently, it is said that the company has established and is doing business in Japan, the United States, China, and Thailand.


If you translate Zojirushi into English, you can translate it into an elephant mark. So the mascot was also an elephant. Until 1957, it was a more realistic elephant logo, but from 1958, it was changed to a logo with a cute addition to the present elephant character.


When we think of Zojirushi, the first thing that comes to mind comes to mind is the rice cooker, then the thermal insulation lunch box, and then the thermo bottles. However, there were many more diverse and good products.

The following products are recommended on their website.

There is a coffee maker, a pressure rice cooker, and an oven toaster.

There are also rice washing machines, clothes dryer and dehumidifiers, and rice cookers.

Air purifiers, mixers, pots that purify water for cooking, and even a home bakery.

They sell a wide variety of products

In addition, warm lunch boxes, bamboo containers, tumblers, cooking pans, hot plates, pots, pressure pans, fryers, dish dryers, dish dryer detergents, humidifiers, futon dryers, etc.

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